Accommodation Doksy and Staré Splavy

Accommodation Doksy and Staré Splavy

Recreational centre Kladno

The Kladno recreational resort offers accommodation on the edge of the town of Doksy, in the Mácha Region.

Camp Perla

Camp Perla is located at the largest recreational lakes in Northern Bohemia - Macha Lake. Camp Perla is located near the beach Klůček.

Recreation centre Poslův Mlýn***

Recreation centre Poslův Mlýn provides an accommodation on the shore of Poselský Lake, not far from recreation centre Doksy, in the region Mácha with a beautiful view to castle Bezděz. It is an ideal environment for families, schools in nature, dance and sports concentration.

Hotel Grand***, Doksy

Hotel Grand is situated in the center of the picturesque towen Doksy, 700 meters from the Machovo Lake. Hotel offers accommodation in a beautiful area of Macha´s Area.

Apartments Poslův Mill***

Apartments Poslův Mill lies on the banks of pond Poselský in town Doksy, in a quiet environment Macha region with spectacular views of the castle Bezděz. Apartments are part of the recreational area Poslův Mill. The surrounding area offers beautiful countryside of bike paths and hiking trails.

Hotel Pasáž

The Hotel Pasáž offers pleasant accommodation on the edge of the recreational resort of Staré Splavy, in the Mácha Region. The hotel is located close to Máchovo jezero; not far away is Doksy, another famous recreational resort.

Auto-camp Klůček

Auto-camp Klůček offers accommodation in city Doksy, in a beautiful area of Macha´s Area, close to Máchovo Lake.

Recreational centre Lesní Hotel

Recreational centre Lesní Hotel offers accommodation in town Doksy, in region Macha´s Area.

Restaurant - Pension Skalka

Restaurant is a part of the Pension Skalka and offers catering in city Doksy, in region Macha´s Area.

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